Our filming process

Sometimes clients know exactly what they want from a video, but that’s not always the case. We’re happy to spend time with you developing your ideas to come up with a proposal that fits your ambitions, and your budget.

We always start with a discussion about what you want to achieve and agree an approach together. We are clear about what we will provide, and what we need from you.

While we would agree the purpose, audience and general content with the client before filming starts, we also believe in being open to the interesting ideas and golden moments that emerge during the filming process.

We’ll liaise with you throughout the filming and editing process, so you feel involved and informed.

We have broadcast quality filming and audio equipment and film both on location and in studio. We provide either a one or two person crew, depending on what needs filming and what you can afford. We have extensive experience of filming on the go, capturing events, encounters and gatherings as they happen. We’re equally familiar with more formal, set up situations.

We have a studio in Halton Mill, a low carbon work and event space just outside Lancaster (a mile from junction 34 of the M6).  We provide an autocue so you can read your script while looking at the camera. It is ideal for online learning, lectures, presentations, personal statements or pieces to camera.

We edit in Halton, and share cuts of your film online at different stages to get your input.

We can deliver your film in high resolution formats and/or compressed for the web.