What we offer

We specialise in reasonably priced, high quality videos to promote you or your organisation, or for a specific campaigns or educational purpose. We are flexible and able to tackle most things from simple podcasts to complex films. We excel at storytelling and using natural sound and sequences as well as interviews and graphics, to give our films their documentary feel.

 We are also keen to make sure that everyone can afford some type of video content for their website or campaign. We are therefore piloting a day long workshop, where the participants come away not only with a better understanding of how to tell their own story, but with a video of themselves doing just that. The morning session will look at storytelling through film, what works and why. Participants will then work in groups to develop their own story or that of their organisation. Short interviews will be shot in the afternoon with each participant, which will be taken away and edited into 90-120 second films and sent to participants. These will be included in the cost of the workshop. For an extra payment, we will do some extra filming to create more complex films.